Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grace Through the Years - BIRTHDAY WISHES...

Grateful of God's faithfulness...

Yesterday while at the pool swimming with Aj, Mars, and Michelle... the topic on my birthday came up. I will be 28 this coming November 10 and I'm grateful of all the things God gave me...

Aj asked me what I want for this special day aside from having a rabbit, i thought having a DEBUT! Why? cause when i was 18 i was living in sin at that moment, backslidden and not right with God so when my most special day of "turning into a woman" came, I had nothing... The people I was with were fake friends, they just want to drink and party... Yet I had no money as well... My parents came but expected my ex-boyfriend planned something so they did not plan anything... It turned out nothing happened, nothing really special. The fruit of being in sin... Thank God He saved me from that miserable life!

10 years later on my 28th birthday somehow I want to redeem that moment... tears, tears, tears... Thinking about it, God asked me, what do you want Grace? So I come up with this wish list...


Gender Sensitivity

I been hearing people getting more and more gender sensitive and even soooo religious about it...

My question is... how does gender sensitivity help people, transform communities and bring change in this corrupt nation? Instead of being so focused with that? Why can't we just think of something else that brings change...

Or does it counterpart change?

Monday, October 12, 2009


THAT'S PART OF THE JOB... As many often say it...

Just like in my boyfriend's job... They say it often... It is part of the job to say (if you're a DJ) that you'll say you're single and available... MOST OF THE DJ's DO THIS... It's part of the job...

But for me I see it as very DECEPTIVE... fooling the listeners? When the listeners do know that they are not who they say they are. Deep inside they think one way or another this DJ is married and has kids, or has a girlfriend... BUT STILL they play to accept that what the DJ says who he is, is real... listeners accept if because it's just part of the job...

But the question is... do DJs want to deceive people? I don't think so... But because they think they will be receive more if they say a different thing, they do it... It is feeding the desires of the listeners to fit their imaginations... to be accepted...

Aj hosting at Davao Doctors College

But the question is... do LISTENERS want to be deceived? I don't think so too... But because they build a fantasy of the man behind the lovely sexy voice... they want to hear something that feeds that fantasy...

Davao Doctors College Student Night

The answer is we all have issues of REJECTION... thus all do anything to be accepted... even to the point of deception... it takes a man who knows who he is and what his beliefs are to stand against the current...

The answer is fooling one another to feel safe with our feelings is very selfish... there is trickery in the neighborhood because we love ourselves than our neighbors...

Kinsa? Ako? WHO DOES THAT? me?

Pictures above does not imply the issue. I know AJ is not drawn in this wicked current of trickery just to be accepted... I don't know the faces in the pictures if they are or not as well... But this issue is very real. I don't just shrug it off my shoulders. I function in the world of HONESTY... whatever its cost, it's still the best policy!

Microsoft's My Phone Q21 DUO and my Macbook

I bought a new phone last Sunday at Gaisano Mall... Twas not that expensive:
P4950 - phone
P400 - 2GB memory card
P279 - casing

The package come with a warranty card, CD to download the program, USB, charger and headphone! Really nice because not many cellphone company give the entire package when a customer buys a phone...

I was so excited to try it cause it has two ACTIVE sims, meaning I can have 2 sims both functioning at the same time! Receive texts and calls in two numbers! Which for me is SUN and SMART... anyways it has camera for pictures, videos, and sound recorder, it has has FM! So it is basically all in one phone!

But then I got the surprise in my life when I got home cause my Macbook won't accept anything from My Phone... after research I knew that My Phone is like the iPhone of Microsoft! So they are totally opposite (enemy) company... Even if I download an installer from the net still won't receive or send from My Phone to Macbook and vice versa... I got discouraged and thought I'd just return it or change another phone of another brand... But then it also hurt cause I already feel inlove with My Phone... too bad I have the opposite OS for my Mac... I even thought I'd just have the dual OS for my Mac because I also can't have PROSHOW in here...

Stayed till 3am trying to figure out how can I transfer files... THEN! Thank you Jesus for BLUETOOTH! It saved my life... Haha! I can transfers files now from My Phone to Macbook and vise versa even if they have different OS... Macbook has Bluetooth and so has the My Phone... Bluetooth saved the whole thing of my love story with Microsoft's My Phone Q21 DUO!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The REAL Worth of a W-O-M-A-N

The Movie:
Mona Lisa Smile is a movie that tells the story of Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts), a new young art history professor at Wellesley College, an all-female campus with a prestigious reputation for academic excellence. Unfortunately for free-minded Berkeley grad Watson, her East Coast teaching stint comes during a less-progressive time that finds most of her students -- among them Betty Warren (Kirsten Dunst), Joan Brandwyn (Julia Stiles), and Giselle Levy (Maggie Gyllenhaal) -- more interested in nabbing a good husband than achieving scholastic and intellectual growth. Watson challenges her students and the Wellesley faculty to think outside of the current mores of the community and redefine what it means to be a success; meanwhile, she tries to come to terms with her own heart's desires. 

In this movie, Ms. Watson view a woman on a free world who can do what she can do, free and released to herself.

The Reaction:
The question that rose up in me in this movie is, what are woman for? Are they destined to be housewives? Is this her role in human life? To take care of the house, husband and children for the rest of her life? Or she is a God-given creature who has more to life than motherhood.

I can personally see around me women with careers: teachers, managers, chefs, musicians, potters, politicians, bakers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, receptionists, and many more... even in jobs that are considered manly like being police! We see women in every corners of the world.

 Are women in jobs like Ms. Watson is suggesting is the movie effective? Yes indeed! Some research even said that in some careers they are more efficient than men!  Yes there are so much more to women that washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cooking, gardening, and taking care of the family. She has not just hands, and skills, she also has a heart and passion, wit and brilliance to create a beautiful world where she is at. She has views that are life-changing, ideas that are creative and life-giving, she has the heart for people and the hands that care. It is not a question for me that women CAN be good help and achievers for world change.

But what is the risk for this? This can also mean children that will grow up without moms when she is working. Children that will not be supervised what is right and wrong in life. What is the proper values and significance in life. Many of our children in this country are developing to be less that what they should be - having the right manners and good conduct with talents, good culture and beliefs because most of our moms and dads are abroad working. They are left with a relative that does not first hand take care the same heart as the parents will. This is what I am afraid about when Ms. Watson’s views are considered. I can’t not imagine a world hundred years from now without the first hand love and care of moms at home. 

My mom is a perfect mom for me. She is a smart woman, creative, a manager and administrator, she can see stuff hat are so out of line and make it useful, she can teach like I've never seen anyone teach, in short, she can be so helpful and successful when launched out to the world.

My Mama

Looking at who I am now, I can give all the credit to a mom that stays at home. She is amazing. She has wit and grace to have a job but she poured this all out to us. We grew up to be good people with the heart as well not just the brains and nice outlook in life, faith above all.

So am i saying that Ms. Watson’s views in the movie are irrelevant? NO. But i am saying that all should be made at the right time and the right place. 

I am more prone to moms at home NOT because they are meant for that because they can’t do anything more that household chores or because they are imprisoned to a life of being a mom and wife when there is so much in the world. But because God designed mom’s perfectness to plant a seed to future generations. Generations that will create a changed world. That management, wit, creativity inside her all poured out to the lives of her children and husband that she alone is blessed to have the grace to do it. This world needs moms that selfishly change this world through pouring to one life at a time. Money can not solve everything but love and care just like of that in a woman's heart. Even though the mom did not work as manager, teachers, police outside of the house, but she is one as she seeds those seed grew up to be one in the future. For me Ms. Watson’s views of  a woman are SELFISH and crucial. 

A real woman knows her identity and security in who she is in the Lord and in big or small things a brilliant being that blooms and creates a better world starting in her home. Her worth starts within her heart.

I am now in my doctorate degree, ministering to poor communities like Agdao, helping people in their poverty, sickness and hopelessness, giving them the Light, discipling the Filipino youth for a real revolution, writing 2 books for a transformed Philippines, pouring to my family as well... i even plan to be the President of the Philippines one day. 

Yes, i am a woman with so much potential and worth, dreams and giftings. But i find my worth in all that smart-talented-pretty-creative-manager-etc-etc personality I am to one day love honor my husband, love my kids, and serve my family with my all. This could mean all the smart-talented-pretty-creative-manager-etc-etc personality I am doing home school, making breakfast, laundry, etc on a daily basis. 

With the man (AJ) i plan to say "I DO"

Will i be able to achieve my dreams and visions in this? Yes, I will one life at a time starting with my own family.

Proverbs 31:

28 Her children arise and call her blessed;
       her husband also, and he praises her:
 29 "Many women do noble things,
       but you surpass them all."
 30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
       but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
 31 Give her the reward she has earned,
       and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I Love My Ed.D. Classmates

After my Masters in Education graduation, i thought hard if I was ready to do another school. I was thinking of taking Law... but then all paths pointed more to taking Doctorate... so i took my chances... but when I had my first class, i has a BLAST! My classmates are just awesome. We are a FAMILY. We look after one another. There is just support, understanding and love...

I could say I am bless. I thank the Lord He led me to this path... I never really enjoyed school MORE such as NOW...


Blessings to us all!

Pictures on our "QUALITATIVE RESEARCH' seminar.

The World in the Eyes of My Heart

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It is something transformational?
Look around your world... What do you see?

In my world I see this world getting darker and darker. Crimes increasing. Teenage pregnancies. Drug addiction. Standards getting lower and lower. Many don't have the fear of God anymore in their hearts. And the list can go on. The more we go one, the more tragic things can be imagined.
In this blogspot, you will hear the thought of what the hearts of Dr. Brianiac is looking around her world and how she views things can change with God. For the world in the eyes of my heart is COLOFUL and FULL OF LIFE!